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blog to earn - March 4, 2008

Welcome to the March 4, 2008 edition of blog to earn.

The Blog to Earn Carnival now has it's own dedicated host and domain name.

We are also going to increase publication to twice weekly....enjoy

John M presents My Favourite money makers posted at Web-Dosh, saying, "I've been blogging about making money for almost a year and here are my favorite money makers"

Tracy Coenen presents Should you blog? posted at FRAUDfiles.

Brian Terry presents Why you MUST become fanatical at testing and tracking posted at Big Selling Website Design.

Brian Terry presents How to develop a Big Selling Affiliate mindset posted at Big Selling Affiliates Blog.

Stephen Dean presents A Simple Solution To Increase Sales posted at Stephen Dean's Copywriting And Internet Advertising Blog - Copywriter.

Rebecca Suzanne Dean presents Stop Thinking. Begin Testing! posted at Rebecca Dean.

Ed Rivis presents Burning blog feeds for actual statistics. posted at Ed Rivis.

Kenton Newby presents Focusing on Leverage posted at KentonNewby.com.

Maureen Irvine presents The Business Sense of Blogging posted at 5 Star Blog.

Jimmy Sansi presents Tools Worth Using posted at The Kaizen Business.

Steve Oliphant presents Stop Gambling with Your Future and Start Making Money posted at Steve Oliphant's Musings.

Ed Rivis presents Planning for Catastrophic Failure. posted at Ed Rivis.

Brian Terry presents How to write an affiliate review posted at Big Selling Affiliates Blog.

Spider5 presents PayPal competitor Revolution Money Exchange offers $25 sign-up bonus posted at Prosper Lending Review.

KCLau presents Credit Cards: From Foes to Friends posted at KCLau's Money Tips, saying, "Article discussing what a credit card is all about and how one can avoid credit card debts. It also touches on how one can actually make money from his credit cards."

John Lenaghan presents Affiliate Summit Day 1 - Calacanis Keynote Part 3 (aka Long Term Thinking) posted at Internet Marketing Chaos.

Joshua C. Karlin presents Powerful Yet Reasonable Goals posted at Marketing & Fundraising Ideas.

Mark Riffey presents If Michael Jordan is ok with failing, isn’t it ok for you? posted at Business is Personal.

James D. Brausch presents Not Enough Time posted at Internet Business Blog.

Brent Hodgson presents Conversion Pages Convert, Traffic Pages Generate Traffic posted at Brent Hodgson, Copywriter.

Brian Terry presents How to boost your big selling affiliate commissions and build your list (Big Selling Affiliates Blog) posted at Big Selling Affiliates Blog.

Don D. Morrison presents Discover 18 Common ?Link Baiting? Methods (Or Getting More Online Back Links)? The Prime Directive! posted at dondmorrison.com.

Sabrina Jefferson presents How To Create Your Own Blog posted at Sabrina Jefferson.

Sarah Paine presents The Power Is In The Ping posted at Sarah Paine.

cfgoulart presents Affiliate Market On Your Blog posted at Making Money Resources, saying, "Setting up a successful money making blog for affiliate marketing."

Jimmy Sansi presents Guaranteed Traffic Today Using These 7 Simple Methods posted at The Kaizen Business.

Aaron Brandon presents Product Creation Worry posted at Aaron Brandon.

PublicFlirt presents Improve your success in dating and relationships. posted at FeedBulletin for: financialbullet, saying, "How to use compliments with women to improve your success in dating and relationships."

Glowicki ProBlogger presents How to get decent traffic to blog posted at Glowicki ProBlogger - Blogging Tips, saying, "Get free traffic to site."

Brian Terry presents How to set up a zero maintenance affiliate marketing WordPress blog posted at Big Selling Affiliates Blog.

Sabrina Jefferson presents Internet Marketing Newbie Action Plan posted at Sabrina Jefferson.

Mandy presents Have You Had Trouble with Adsense Plugins? posted at builda-blog.com, saying, "A great plugin, solved all the problems I was having with Adsense."

Life. Money. Development. presents Diet Tips for Preventing High Cholesterol Levels posted at Life. Money. Development., saying, "A neat collection of diet tips for keeping cholesterol in recommended levels."

Thomas D. Brownsword presents Current Projects, Part 1 posted at Business Action Steps.

Taylor Coburn presents The Best Kind Of Information Product posted at Internet Business at ProcessToProfits, saying, "Get the straight answer on which information products are best..."

Aaron Anderson presents Server Change & Viruses posted at Online Business Blog.

Woman Tribune presents adgridwork Production Analysis posted at Woman Tribune, saying, "Free advertising programs are mostly ineffective. Here's the stats from adgridwork."

Craig Andrews presents Internet Business Blog - Craig S Andrews posted at Craig S. Andrews.com.

Brian Terry presents The #1 reason most people fail? posted at Big Selling Website Design.

Cindy King presents 7 Easy Tips to Internationalize Your Web Site posted at Get International Clients.

Tali presents Allen Harkleroad’s Confidential SEO Secrets - The Best SEO Report You Haven’t Heard Of posted at The Marketer Review, saying, "From time to time, I may stumble upon a report that was written by a well-established, low-laying internet businessman. Allen Harkleroad is one of them and his report, Confidential SEO Secrets, is definitely note-worthy."

James Lee presents How a Simple Military Strategy Can Bring You Big Online Profits posted at Online Business Freedom.

Woody Maxim presents The quickest way to more money is through testing posted at Woody Maxim.

Robert Phillips presents One Size Does Not Fit All posted at CYBERCA$HOLOGY.

Jose DeJesus MD presents Improve Investment and Financial Results - Simplify and Conquer posted at Physician Entrepreneur.

Fred Black presents Will the Real Blogger Please Stand Up... posted at Fred Black: Internet Business Blog..

Robert Phillips presents Are DVD Info Products Profitable? posted at How to Create a DVD without Spending a Dime.

Kenton Newby presents Simple Solutions For the Content Creation Roadblock Nearly All Online Business Owners Face posted at KentonNewby.com.

WebSiteWerx presents The Attention Age Doctrine: Yours for the Taking posted at WebSite Werx, saying, "The Attention Age Doctrine: Yours for the Taking"

Warren Wong presents How To Avoid Google’s Duplicate Content Penalty (For Bloggers) posted at Personal Development for INTJs, saying, "Things you should know to avoid duplicate content penalities on your blog and get good search engine rankings."

Woody Maxim presents Lessons Revealed from Day 1 posted at Woody Maxim.

Rebecca Suzanne Dean presents There’s No Need To Admit You’re Telling The Truth?Unless You?re A Liar! posted at Rebecca Dean.

Hill Robertson presents So Many Choices - Just Pick One posted at Hill Robertson, saying, "The number of ways you can make money online is unlimited. Be sure not to get distracted. Pick one and run with it."

James D. Brausch presents 24 Hour Special: New Copywriting Procedure posted at Internet Business Blog.

Andrew Erickson presents Merchant Processing 102 posted at WebSite Werx.

Carol Bentley presents Things do not always go to plan. . . posted at Carol Bentley.

Rebecca Suzanne Dean presents Remember Your Emotions for Increased Sales Letter Pull posted at Rebecca Dean.

Carol Bentley presents Normal service is (almost) resumed. . . posted at Carol Bentley, saying, "Structure your sales letter."

James D. Brausch presents False Security Thinking posted at Internet Business Blog.

Andrew Erickson presents Email Marketing for Ecommerce - Part I: What Is It? Why Do It? posted at WebSite Werx.

Aaron Brandon presents Overcoming Negativity posted at Aaron Brandon.

Stephen Dean presents 3 Quick Ways To Judge Your New Product Idea posted at Stephen Dean's Copywriting And Internet Advertising Blog - Copywriter.

aruntheace presents How to hit Digg’s front page? posted at www.aruntheace.com.

Michel Fortin presents Busy Working In The Virtual Kitchen posted at The Michel Fortin Blog.

Nesher presents Golf Nation - Revenue Sharing Forum for Golf Fans posted at Collection of the Web Freebies, saying, "Earning additional income through AdSense. Review of the Golf related ads revenue sharing forum"

Joshua C. Karlin presents Fundraising Ideas - Identification posted at Marketing & Fundraising Ideas.

Raymond presents Zero Percent Balance Transfer Credit Cards With No Fees | Money Blue Book posted at Money Blue Book.

Raymond presents The Best Gas Credit Card Offers posted at Money Blue Book.

Raymond presents Examining 0% Purchase Credit Card Offers posted at Money Blue Book.

Ask Matt presents AdSense in Text Widgets posted at BlogTactics.com, saying, "Adsense in text widgets"

Mike Remer presents Oh, Oh! Here Come the Holidays and the Cold Weather | My Path To Fitness Blog posted at My Path To Fitness Blog.

Ask Matt presents Why I’m P’ed off with more traffic posted at iamUncovered.com, saying, "Why I'm p'ed off with more traffic."

Ask Matt presents Using BlogCarnival posted at IM & Affiliate Marketing Product Testing, saying, "Using blogcarnival."

Don D. Morrison presents Discover Immediate Online Blog Traffic? Or Maybe Overnight! posted at dondmorrison.com.

Jean Mosher presents Blog for Fun and Profit « Always in Motion posted at Always in Motion.

O'rene Ashley presents Make Money Online Like This Kid – He’s only 14 for chrissakes posted at CEOmum, saying, "This kid should be teaching an MBA class"

Jimmy Sansi presents My Magic Ping List posted at The Kaizen Business.

Sarah Paine presents Are You Losing Out On Subscribers? posted at Sarah Paine.

Hill Robertson presents Time for Money - Moving in Reverse posted at Hill Robertson, saying, "If you are just trading your time for money, you are going backward financially when you take into account the increases in other expenses. Read further to see what you can do about it."

Product Launch Formula 2.0 Jeff Walker presents How To Launch Your Product Even If You Only Have A Tiny List posted at Product Launch Formula 2.0 Jeff Walker Hands You The Insider Secrets To Successful Product Launches, saying, "You don't need to be a guru to have a successful product launch. Free non-guru product launch video case study shows you how. Truly Inspiring"

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of blog to earn using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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