Friday, 14 March 2008

blog to earn - friday edition - March 14, 2008

Welcome to the March 14, 2008 edition of blog to earn - The first of our Friday edition's.

Sabrina Jefferson presents How To Create Your Own Blog posted at Sabrina Jefferson.

Edith presents Free Live Call with Marketing Guru Seth Godin - Meatball Sundae (April 9th) Hosted by SFentrepreneur posted at San Francisco Bay Area Small Business Community That Connects You With Entrepreneurs Around You.

Hill Robertson presents Are You Working for the Weekend? posted at Hill Robertson, saying, "Do not focus on working for the weekend. Focus on working for freedom."

Mandy presents What Do You Think of Stumbling? posted at, saying, "looking at how I can increase traffic to my blog to make more money from it."

Christine presents Traditional Website vs Blog Format posted at Me, My Kid and Life.

Andrew Erickson presents No Phone Number For You! Part I posted at WebSite Werx.

Carol Bentley presents Landing or floundering page. . . posted at Carol Bentley.

Gavin R. Putland presents Amazon needs ad widget with whitelist product selection posted at /etc/cron.whenever/.

Ask Matt presents More Stumbleupon Ads Results posted at IM & Affiliate Marketing Product Testing.

WebSiteWerx presents ShopSite Version 9.0 Released posted at WebSite Werx.

Ask Matt presents 217 New Links in 20 Minutes posted at

Ask Matt presents New Blog Tutorial Videos posted at

Carol Bentley presents Landing or floundering page. . . posted at Carol Bentley.

Nesher presents Free Online Multi-Site Blog Pinging Services posted at Blogging for Good in the Modern World, saying, "Blog pinging is needed for prompt notification of the Search Engines on your site updates, and eventually for bringing more visitors to your blog. Article presents a collection of the free online services that will help pinging the blog to the multiple engines easily."

Joshua C. Karlin presents Overcoming Common Excuses for Not Building Your Online Business posted at

Mark Riffey presents Is your small business website a Store or a Brochure? posted at Business is Personal.

Dominic Tay presents Capture the Globe through Network Marketing at Personal Development for Winners posted at Personal Development Blog for Winners, saying, "Think big, after all, it’s free. Capturing a larger group of people and have them believe in you is a grandeur way to network your business. But it’s not always that easy to make friends with business partners or potential customers, is it? Yet, if you have this desire to create lasting and big impression in the business community, you’ll have to work your ways toward success. This article talks about simple but tested 3-steps towards capturing the globe through network marketing. How? Read on."

Jimmy Sansi presents Guaranteed Traffic Today Using These 7 Simple Methods posted at The Kaizen Business.

Alex M presents No Time For Complicated Seo Blogging Software: How Can a Simple Blog Help Your E-Business posted at We talk on making money on the Internet.

Steve Oliphant presents Stop Gambling with Your Future and Start Making Money posted at Steve Oliphant's Musings.

Don D. Morrison presents Discover All The Online Company Marketing Links & Stats Worth Knowing! posted at

cfgoulart presents Free Paid Online Surveys posted at Making Money Resources, saying, "Free paid online surveys, a review of providers to help you make money online."

Woody Maxim presents The Fear of Loss posted at Woody Maxim.

Larry Russell presents 7 Ways to Pick the Best Noload Mutual Funds and ETFs posted at Best No Load Funds.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of blog to earn - friday edition using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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