Friday, 11 April 2008

blog to earn - friday edition - April 11, 2008

Welcome to the April 11, 2008 edition of blog to earn - friday edition.

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cryton presents Adsense Ads Relevancy and Content Matching a Problem? You Have No Idea

posted at Welcome Back Rosenthal, saying, "Adsense might be the way to go, if you can get it to to work"

Robert Phillips presents 3 Simple Ways to Increase Blog Traffic posted at How to Create a DVD without Spending a Dime.

Vandelay Website Design presents Five Reasons I'm Happy to Blog In a Crowded Niche posted at Traffikd, saying, "I blog in a saturated niche. And here is a look at some of the positives of this approach."

Cindy King presents How Do Your Foreign Prospects Use Their Search Engines posted at Cindy King.

Mystery presents Blogging To The Bank 2.0 Review - Is It Scam Or Genuine? posted at Mystery Online Autoincome Turbo Cash Money Making Systems, saying, "Blogging To The Bank 2.0 is the new updated version of the infamous blogging e-book Blogging To The Bank, by Rob Benwell. I’ve recently got to read the new version, Blogging To The Bank 2.0, which is updated with new advanced SEO and blogging techniques to get your blogs hovering over the top spots at the search engines."

Woody Maxim presents Traffic Questions Answered posted at Woody Maxim.

Stephen Dean presents The Disillusioned Copywriter posted at Stephen Dean's Copywriting And Internet Advertising Blog - Copywriter.

Raymond presents Student Credit Card Rewards posted at Money Blue Book.

Raymond presents How To Avoid A 0% Balance Transfer Mistake posted at Money Blue Book.

Raymond presents Credit Card Rewards posted at Money Blue Book.

LIVING OFF DIVIDENDS presents How I Made $2,667 In Passive Income In March ?08 posted at LIVING OFF DIVIDENDS, saying, "See how I generated $1645 from blogging last month."

Woody Maxim presents Don't buy into the hype posted at Woody Maxim.

Tracy Coenen presents Sequence Inc. Fraud Files by Tracy Coenen » Blog Archive » Working with the Google Ad Review Center posted at FRAUDfiles.

Carol Bentley presents I had a doh! moment. . . posted at Carol Bentley.

Ed Rivis presents £150 ($300) gift if you answer my short survey. posted at Ed Rivis.

Shamelle presents Enhance Life: 6 Investment Misconceptions That Stop You From Becoming A MillionairePersonal development posted at Enhance Life, saying, "....... He used the word investment. To me, it sounded like something only the rich do or something that only a skilled professional can do. My friend patiently explained to me in layman terms that, I need to make my money make more money for me. Now that got me interested. Here I was working 60 hours a week and I was dreaming how nice it would be to double my salary without actually working for it!"

Heather Allen presents Sharing Success posted at The DebtFree Playbook Blog, saying, "Ben

Gylsen writes about recent discoveries to boost traffic by a ton!"

Kenton Newby presents Website Content Ideas: 7 Templates Every Blog Owner Oughta' Try For Effortless Content Creation posted at

Mark Riffey presents Microsoft’s “apology” to XBox owner, a good lesson posted at Business is Personal.

Jimmy Sansi presents Do You Test? Yes! Why? posted at The Kaizen Business.

Praveen presents How To Test Websites, Part 1 - Split Testing posted at My Simple Trading System.

Steve Oliphant presents Just what ARE you learning from your mistakes? posted at Steve Oliphant's Musings.

Sarah Paine presents Automate Site Content with Quality Articles posted at Sarah Paine.

Joshua C. Karlin presents An Opportunity Not to Be Missed posted at Internet Business.

Gley Yahya presents What Link Popularity Can Do For Your Business? posted at Work At Home Start Up Guide, saying, "You can do all what you want to improve your website or blog rankings, select the best keywords for your subject theme, create as many pages full of content as you want and develop a search-engine friendly navigation scheme. But without a well-planned link-development campaign, most search engines and especially MSN won’t rank your blog high at their search results."

Marcus Hochstadt presents The Power Of Focus posted at Marcus Hochstadt.

Alex M presents Affiliate Marketing: Increasing your Traffic - Increase your Sales posted at We talk on making money on the Internet.

James DeLelys presents WORDSBlog » Uncategorized posted at Author James DeLelys, saying, "Taking that first step!"

Erica Douglass presents Three Business Ideas That Will Help You Thrive During A Recession posted at - Erica Douglass challenges you to change your life! What is holding you back from your dreams?, saying, "Tired of hearing doom and gloom articles about how the upcoming recession will cause lost jobs and lower wages? Here are three businesses you can start in your spare time to make MORE money during a recession!"

First Lady Of Poker presents Women Are Naturals At Poker posted at Shopping and Poker Blog, saying, "Author presents why women can be elite poker players."

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